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Pulsar ICO

Making Early Stage Tech Investments Accessible and Liquid

Token sale ends on May 13, 2018 at 0:13 AM Pacific Time

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Collected for now: $15 628 725
includes capital commitments in fiat currency, which entitle the investors to an ownership interest in the fund
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Investors at every level can invest in best technology startups.


Investors can buy, sell, and trade Pulsars through online exchanges at any time thanks to the blockchain.


Pulsar VC offers diversified investment in technology startups and business development support.


We take care of the due diligence and the deal negotiation to make sure we invest in the best.


Boosting companies valuation through a structured short accelerator program with industry experts and mentors.


Returns from exits are distributed through buyback mechanism to earn the upside through token value increase.

About Us

Pulsar Venture Capital (“Pulsar VC”) announces ICO, a token crowdsale to make investments in technology startups accessible and liquid.

Pulsar Venture Capital is an international early-stage venture capital fund and startup acceleration program with a main office in Kazan, Russia and presence in Dublin, Ireland, Silicon Valley, California, Dubai, UAE and Singapore.

Pulsar VC invests in early-stage startups with global and cross-regional opportunities focusing on disruptive companies in blockchain/cryptocurrency, IT, hardware, and advanced materials.

Pulsar VC runs an International Acceleration program that was rated #1 in Russia in 2016 by UBI Global. The program attracts top notch companies from Eastern Europe where Pulsar VC provides seed funding and extensive support with business development and fundraising from industry experts, mentors, advisors and investors.

Pulsar VC’s crowdsale mission is to give an opportunity to eligible purchasers to invest in the best early stage startups leveraging Pulsar VC’s dealflow, a proven model for investing with VC grade due diligence, a robust support process by Pulsar VC team with the help of global network of partners and investors.

All the participants in Pulsar VC’s crowdsale will be pre-qualified per residence country regulations and legislations.

Pulsar tokens (“Pulsars”) are liquid and will be available for trading on the open market. Token purchasers will participate in any upside from ownership of the Pulsars, as the proceeds from the exits and/or dividend distributions of portfolio companies will be used to repurchase the Pulsars in the market.

Investment Strategy

Pulsar VC will select the best companies for investments with the help of the market’s experts, advisors, analysts and tools.
We detect unprofitable projects and startups without a viable business strategy.
The fund’s strategy allows diversification of investments and ensures high profits with reasonable risks for all of the investors.

Boosting portfolio companies valuation through acceleration process



500+/year Eastern European early-stage startups apply for the Pulsar International Accelerator program.

10-15/year carefully selected companies with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), a strong team and a viable business are accepted.



$100K investment and 6 months acceleration program in Russia, Ireland, and Silicon Valley.

100+ hours of coaching and mentorship with 40+ Pulsar VC mentors: serial entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors.

Startups refine their business model and the ‘go to market’ strategy, improve the product, attract new customers, and pitch to investors during demo days in Dublin, San Francisco, Moscow, and Kazan.


Go Global and Win

Up to $2M follow-on investment into top performing companies from the Acceleration program to maintain or increase the ownership stake, help raise funds as a lead investor from partner investors and boost company growth.

Additional funds will be reserved for follow on investments at later rounds.

Launch in US, UK, Europe or Asia markets leveraging local partners network.

Business development and support until successful M&A, ICO or IPO.


ICO target is to raise up to $30M:

$1.75M of the ICO funds raised will be used to pay for the 50% interest in the existing portfolio of 29 startup companies based in Russia, Ireland, and the USA. The value of the current portfolio increased by 4.5X in the past 4 years.

The remaining amount of up to $28.25M will be invested in 30+ new startups over the next five years including follow-on investments in top performing companies in the existing portfolio and to pay for the Fund operations including ICO expenses.

Pulsar Venture Capital Limited

Pulsar Venture Capital Limited is a limited company incorporated in the Isle of Man, an ICO friendly jurisdiction with the sole purpose of investing in Pulsar VC companies.

The mission of Pulsar VC Limited is to allow global investors to easily invest in the best early-stage startups in Eastern Europe, Europe, Asia, and Silicon Valley, leveraging Pulsar VC's deal flow, successful acceleration program, and global network.


Pulsar VC Acceleration Program and the early-stage focus allows Pulsar VC to invest in companies at lower valuations with a target of 10%-15% initial share ownership.

Pulsar VC strives to achieve early exits by working with its portfolio companies on successful acquisitions. We target an average 10X return per company.

Over the years we've had successful exits (12X-25X) and built a strong network for M&A deals by working with strategic corporations and enterprises that allow us to exit earlier than other VCs.


Pulsar Token Crowdsale

The Fund
Pulsar Venture Capital Limited, a limited company organized under the laws of Isle of Man
Tokens Issued
Pulsar Tokens (“Pulsars”) will be offered for sale; issued on Ethereum blockchain
Start of ICO
November 13, 2017 at 0:13 AM PT
Duration of ICO
6 months after the start of the ICO
Minimum Contribution
0.1 ETH or its equivalent in other means
Contributions accepted
Preliminary token price for ICO
1 Pulsar = $1.00US
Bonus Staging
Bonuses will decrease progressively from 15% to 0%, as follows:
15% - Week 1
10% - Week 2
5% - Week 3
3% - Week 4
Token Proceeds Allocation
$1,750,000 will be distributed to the previous investors/team members for their 50% share in the existing 29 portfolio companies.
The remaining proceeds from the Pulsars will be allocated as follows:
80% - Portfolio investments
15% - Operational expenses, including management fees
5% - ICO-related expenses, including bounty payments
Token Buyback
Within sixty days of each disposition of a Portfolio investment or receipt of any dividend distribution from a Portfolio investment that is an existing Portfolio Company, (the “Existing Portfolio Proceeds”), the Fund will apply 50% of the Existing Portfolio Proceeds to the buyback of Pulsars at the then current market price and distribute the other 50% of the Existing Portfolio Proceeds to the previous investors. Within sixty days of each disposition of a Portfolio investment or receipt of any dividend distribution from a Portfolio investment that is not an existing Portfolio Company, (the “New Portfolio Proceeds”), the Fund will first apply 75% of the New Portfolio Proceeds to the buyback of the Pulsars at the then current market price and retain 25% as its success fee (“Success Fee”).
In the event that upon termination of the life of the Fund, the aggregate Success Fee exceeds 25% of the net profit of the Fund, the Fund will apply the excess Success Fee to the buyback of the Pulsars.

Our Team

Pulsar VC has a strong team of professionals, mentors, industry experts, investors and advisors who support our portfolio companies

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We invest in early-stage startups with global and cross-regional opportunities focusing on disruptive companies in blockchain/cryptocurrency, IT, hardware, and advanced materials.